Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Student Teacher Relations

I was watching E! this morning and there was this show about when teachers fall in love with there students and it got me thinking back to 6th grade. My science teacher was named Ms. Howe and DAMM if ya'll would of seen this teacher you would have fell in love also. She was like a PLAYBOY playmate, this is where my love for track and field started, running behind her was probably the only time I never got tired running the mile, and she had the fattest camel toe I've ever seen. I don't remember doing any work in that class because I was always daydream about her and I. If she had ever approached me in that way I would've kept my mouth shut, and let her done anything that she wanted. Now that I'm grown I wonder where the hell is she? Ms Howe, IM A MAN NOW!!!!

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