Friday, June 27, 2008

Thank You...

Due to our lagging economy I have the day off and every other friday until further notice. I don’t know wather to be overjoyed or a little bit concerned, but at this present time I just decided to enjoy it while its here, things could be worse.

Anytime I have a day off I always think about changing my life in one way. Its always fun to entertain ideas on what I can start to do differently, of course I never change in anyway, then its back to the grind of my normal life. Now I’m starting to realize that it is time for things to change, I’m two years away from 30 and I have yet to really live my life. So what am I gonna do? So I wont quit on changes to quickly I’m gonna start small; I’m gonna create a list on the things that I want to change about myself and also a list on the things that I want to do. By doing this I hope to at least keep my mind on the changes and not let the events of the normalness of life bring me down. So what’s gonna be on my list? I don’t know yet, but thank God I have a day off to figure it out.

I’ll keep ya posted

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