Wednesday, March 16, 2011


With everyone going around claiming to be "original", wouldn't that make it it un-original? Alot of stuff I see claiming to be original has in fact been bitten from somewhere else, we have Hipsters to thank for this by the way, people are still afraid to show their true selves. In my opinion, keeping it simple is being original.

Monday, March 14, 2011


A couple of weeks ago I decided to re-read the Diary of Anne Frank, not because I never read it, but because I cheated my way through it the first time and I felt I was besmirching her memory and purpose of this diary by cheating it . The latest edition of this work includes a passage of Anne describing her "Lady Parts"; I was appalled to find out that this passage actually got the book banned in some schools, then I read the passage for myself and could not find any reason how someone could find this offensive, there is nothing vulgar or sexually explicit about it! I think it is a injustice to have this young girl's personal account about life durning a horrific time taken out of the hands of our children simply because this girl has discovered herself. DO NOT MISTAKE THIS BOOK FOR SOMETHING SEXUAL because it's not, I'm sure kids hear things ten times as worse coming from the mouths of the very same parents who are trying to get this book banned! This book is about a family who had to go into hiding because they were escaping a man who wanted them dead because of there race and religion! The best way to let something happen again is to forget it ever happened in the first place.