Friday, October 17, 2008

Is there Life on Mars?

Every now and then I get in to these modes when I only like to listen to the classics. Right now everything on the radio sounds the same; everybody in Hip-hop is starting to use voice boxes, everybody in rock wants to sound indie, everybody in pop are all of a sudden rock stars. Don't get me wrong, there is still some brilliant stuff out there but its very few and far between. At one point I found solitude in Indie 103 but even they are starting to play the same stuff over and over again. Classic Rock, funk, and classic R&B maybe the last refuge we have to be inspired anymore. Even though it's old I never get tired of it, every time I listen to "Stairway to Heaven" I get get goosebumps. That's what real music is, getting all five senses to react at once and send the body into a euphoric high. One of the artists that gives me that feeling is Bowie, he may have been a little gay back then but he made some great music.

I also just discovered this.



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