Thursday, September 11, 2008

Vicky Cristina Barcelona

I was forced to watch Vicky Cristina Barcelona tonight. At first I was just going for the T&A, then I found out there was not that much T&A going on, this was an intellectual relationship movie. Anyways, as the story went on I got a little more and more into it, and by the end I was sold. The story is about two girls who go to Spain, they meet this guy who they both end doing, his ex wife comes into the picture and starts mess, and then by the end the girls go back to America un-changed from from what they were before they got to Spain. My description of the movie may have been a little lame but I didn't not want to get all into deepness of the storyline, instead I want to talk about what I got out of this film. First, this movie inspired me to pursue photography; Photography is something that I've been always wanting to do but I've just been to lazy to go out and explore the world, and I also thought that anything that I would've photographed would've sucked. But after seeing this film I decided that i'm gonna force myself to go out and just snap away. Secondly, I'm into Scarlett Johansson again; she is just way to HOTT in this film, she was even hotter then Penelope Cruz. After seeing her I've decided to start a list of the women who are beautiful to ME, so not in any particular order #1 is Scarlett Johansson.

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